Mother Jones Magazine Cover : July + August 2017

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  • State of Resistance

    Trump lit a fire under a patchwork of unlikely protesters. And the country may never be the same.

    Plus: The left-coast legislators, media mavericks, and Democratic developers driving the insurrection

  • Prison Break

    Can Norway-style prisons work in America? That’s what North Dakota is trying to figure out.

  • Left Behind

    Meet the children of Ohio’s opioid nightmare.

  • To Our Readers

  • That Town

    Picturing DC’s divide

  • Here Comes the Bribe

    American kleptocracy

  • Arrested Development

    Will Trump police the police?

  • Life After Life

    What comes after a life sentence?

  • It Happens Here

    Female genital mutilation happens here.

  • Fables of the Reconstruction

    The terrorism America forgot

  • A People’s History

    Road trips for progressives

  • School of Rock

    “I choose to write books about black people where we are normal.”

  • A brief history of leisure

  • The Worst of Tines

    Fork off.

  • Run for Cover

    How cover crops save sea and soil